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Broadcom BCM963XX CFE Loader NOR Flash Partitions
Most Broadcom BCM63XX SoC based devices follow the Broadcom reference layout for
NOR. The first erase block used for the CFE bootloader, the last for an
NVRAM partition, and the remainder in-between for one to two firmware partitions
at fixed offsets. A valid firmware partition is identified by the ImageTag
header found at beginning of the second erase block, containing the rootfs and
kernel offsets and sizes within the firmware partition.
Required properties:
- compatible : must be "brcm,bcm963xx-cfe-nor-partitions"
flash@1fc00000 {
compatible = "cfi-flash";
reg = <0x1fc00000 0x400000>;
bank-width = <2>;
partitions {
compatible = "brcm,bcm963xx-cfe-nor-partitions";