Merge tag 'probes-fixes-v6.4-rc1' of git://

Pull probes fixes from Masami Hiramatsu:

 - Initialize 'ret' local variables on fprobe_handler() to fix the
   smatch warning. With this, fprobe function exit handler is not
   working randomly.

 - Fix to use preempt_enable/disable_notrace for rethook handler to
   prevent recursive call of fprobe exit handler (which is based on

 - Fix recursive call issue on fprobe_kprobe_handler()

 - Fix to detect recursive call on fprobe_exit_handler()

 - Fix to make all arch-dependent rethook code notrace (the
   arch-independent code is already notrace)"

* tag 'probes-fixes-v6.4-rc1' of git://
  rethook, fprobe: do not trace rethook related functions
  fprobe: add recursion detection in fprobe_exit_handler
  fprobe: make fprobe_kprobe_handler recursion free
  rethook: use preempt_{disable, enable}_notrace in rethook_trampoline_handler
  tracing: fprobe: Initialize ret valiable to fix smatch error