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Device Tree Clock bindings for arch-at91
This binding uses the common clock binding[1].
[1] Documentation/devicetree/bindings/clock/clock-bindings.txt
Slow Clock controller:
Required properties:
- compatible : shall be one of the following:
"atmel,at91sam9x5-sckc" or
at91 SCKC (Slow Clock Controller)
This node contains the slow clock definitions.
at91 slow oscillator
at91 internal slow RC oscillator
- reg : defines the IO memory reserved for the SCKC.
- #size-cells : shall be 0 (reg is used to encode clk id).
- #address-cells : shall be 1 (reg is used to encode clk id).
For example:
sckc: sckc@fffffe50 {
compatible = "atmel,sama5d3-pmc";
reg = <0xfffffe50 0x4>
#size-cells = <0>;
#address-cells = <1>;
/* put at91 slow clocks here */
Power Management Controller (PMC):
Required properties:
- compatible : shall be "atmel,<chip>-pmc", "syscon":
<chip> can be: at91rm9200, at91sam9260, at91sam9261,
at91sam9263, at91sam9g45, at91sam9n12, at91sam9rl, at91sam9g15,
at91sam9g25, at91sam9g35, at91sam9x25, at91sam9x35, at91sam9x5,
sama5d2, sama5d3 or sama5d4.
- #clock-cells : from common clock binding; shall be set to 2. The first entry
is the type of the clock (core, system, peripheral or generated) and the
second entry its index as provided by the datasheet
- clocks : Must contain an entry for each entry in clock-names.
- clock-names: Must include the following entries: "slow_clk", "main_xtal"
Optional properties:
- atmel,osc-bypass : boolean property. Set this when a clock signal is directly
provided on XIN.
For example:
pmc: pmc@f0018000 {
compatible = "atmel,sama5d4-pmc", "syscon";
reg = <0xf0018000 0x120>;
interrupts = <1 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH 7>;
#clock-cells = <2>;
clocks = <&clk32k>, <&main_xtal>;
clock-names = "slow_clk", "main_xtal";