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Raydium Semiconductor Corporation RM68200 5.5" 720p MIPI-DSI TFT LCD panel
The Raydium Semiconductor Corporation RM68200 is a 5.5" 720x1280 TFT LCD
panel connected using a MIPI-DSI video interface.
Required properties:
- compatible: "raydium,rm68200"
- reg: the virtual channel number of a DSI peripheral
Optional properties:
- reset-gpios: a GPIO spec for the reset pin (active low).
- power-supply: phandle of the regulator that provides the supply voltage.
- backlight: phandle of the backlight device attached to the panel.
&dsi {
panel@0 {
compatible = "raydium,rm68200";
reg = <0>;
reset-gpios = <&gpiof 15 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
power-supply = <&v1v8>;
backlight = <&pwm_backlight>;