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Broadcom V3D GPU
Only the Broadcom V3D 3.x and newer GPUs are covered by this binding.
For V3D 2.x, see brcm,bcm-vc4.txt.
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be "brcm,7268-v3d" or "brcm,7278-v3d"
- reg: Physical base addresses and lengths of the register areas
- reg-names: Names for the register areas. The "hub", "bridge", and "core0"
register areas are always required. The "gca" register area
is required if the GCA cache controller is present.
- interrupts: The interrupt numbers. The first interrupt is for the hub,
while the following interrupts are for the cores.
See bindings/interrupt-controller/interrupts.txt
Optional properties:
- clocks: The core clock the unit runs on
v3d {
compatible = "brcm,7268-v3d";
reg = <0xf1204000 0x100>,
<0xf1200000 0x4000>,
<0xf1208000 0x4000>,
<0xf1204100 0x100>;
reg-names = "bridge", "hub", "core0", "gca";
interrupts = <0 78 4>,
<0 77 4>;