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+Mediatek MT65xx/MT67xx/MT81xx sysirq
Mediatek SOCs sysirq support controllable irq inverter for each GIC SPI
Required properties:
- compatible: should be
"mediatek,mt8173-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT8173
"mediatek,mt8135-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT8135
"mediatek,mt8127-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT8127
"mediatek,mt7622-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT7622
"mediatek,mt7623-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT7623
"mediatek,mt6795-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6795
"mediatek,mt6797-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6797
"mediatek,mt6765-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6765
"mediatek,mt6755-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6755
"mediatek,mt6592-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6592
"mediatek,mt6589-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6589
"mediatek,mt6582-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6582
"mediatek,mt6580-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6580
"mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6577
"mediatek,mt2712-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT2712
"mediatek,mt2701-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT2701
- interrupt-controller : Identifies the node as an interrupt controller
- #interrupt-cells : Use the same format as specified by GIC in arm,gic.txt.
- reg: Physical base address of the intpol registers and length of memory
mapped region. Could be multiple bases here. Ex: mt6797 needs 2 reg, others
need 1.
sysirq: intpol-controller@10200620 {
compatible = "mediatek,mt6797-sysirq",
#interrupt-cells = <3>;
interrupt-parent = <&gic>;
reg = <0 0x10220620 0 0x20>,
<0 0x10220690 0 0x10>;