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Qualcomm Bluetooth Chips
This documents the binding structure and common properties for serial
attached Qualcomm devices.
Serial attached Qualcomm devices shall be a child node of the host UART
device the slave device is attached to.
Required properties:
- compatible: should contain one of the following:
* "qcom,qca6174-bt"
* "qcom,wcn3990-bt"
Optional properties for compatible string qcom,qca6174-bt:
- enable-gpios: gpio specifier used to enable chip
- clocks: clock provided to the controller (SUSCLK_32KHZ)
Required properties for compatible string qcom,wcn3990-bt:
- vddio-supply: VDD_IO supply regulator handle.
- vddxo-supply: VDD_XO supply regulator handle.
- vddrf-supply: VDD_RF supply regulator handle.
- vddch0-supply: VDD_CH0 supply regulator handle.
Optional properties for compatible string qcom,wcn3990-bt:
- max-speed: see Documentation/devicetree/bindings/serial/slave-device.txt
serial@7570000 {
label = "BT-UART";
status = "okay";
bluetooth {
compatible = "qcom,qca6174-bt";
enable-gpios = <&pm8994_gpios 19 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
clocks = <&divclk4>;
serial@898000 {
bluetooth {
compatible = "qcom,wcn3990-bt";
vddio-supply = <&vreg_s4a_1p8>;
vddxo-supply = <&vreg_l7a_1p8>;
vddrf-supply = <&vreg_l17a_1p3>;
vddch0-supply = <&vreg_l25a_3p3>;
max-speed = <3200000>;