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* Socionext AVE ethernet controller
This describes the devicetree bindings for AVE ethernet controller
implemented on Socionext UniPhier SoCs.
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be
- "socionext,uniphier-pro4-ave4" : for Pro4 SoC
- "socionext,uniphier-pxs2-ave4" : for PXs2 SoC
- "socionext,uniphier-ld11-ave4" : for LD11 SoC
- "socionext,uniphier-ld20-ave4" : for LD20 SoC
- "socionext,uniphier-pxs3-ave4" : for PXs3 SoC
- reg: Address where registers are mapped and size of region.
- interrupts: Should contain the MAC interrupt.
- phy-mode: See ethernet.txt in the same directory. Allow to choose
"rgmii", "rmii", "mii", or "internal" according to the PHY.
The acceptable mode is SoC-dependent.
- phy-handle: Should point to the external phy device.
See ethernet.txt file in the same directory.
- clocks: A phandle to the clock for the MAC.
For Pro4 SoC, that is "socionext,uniphier-pro4-ave4",
another MAC clock, GIO bus clock and PHY clock are also required.
- clock-names: Should contain
- "ether", "ether-gb", "gio", "ether-phy" for Pro4 SoC
- "ether" for others
- resets: A phandle to the reset control for the MAC. For Pro4 SoC,
GIO bus reset is also required.
- reset-names: Should contain
- "ether", "gio" for Pro4 SoC
- "ether" for others
- socionext,syscon-phy-mode: A phandle to syscon with one argument
that configures phy mode. The argument is the ID of MAC instance.
Optional properties:
- local-mac-address: See ethernet.txt in the same directory.
Required subnode:
- mdio: A container for child nodes representing phy nodes.
See phy.txt in the same directory.
ether: ethernet@65000000 {
compatible = "socionext,uniphier-ld20-ave4";
reg = <0x65000000 0x8500>;
interrupts = <0 66 4>;
phy-mode = "rgmii";
phy-handle = <&ethphy>;
clock-names = "ether";
clocks = <&sys_clk 6>;
reset-names = "ether";
resets = <&sys_rst 6>;
socionext,syscon-phy-mode = <&soc_glue 0>;
local-mac-address = [00 00 00 00 00 00];
mdio {
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <0>;
ethphy: ethphy@1 {
reg = <1>;