Merge tag 'vfs-6.10-rc4.fixes' of git://

Pull vfs fixes from Christian Brauner:
   - Restore debugfs behavior of ignoring unknown mount options
   - Fix kernel doc for netfs_wait_for_oustanding_io()
   - Fix struct statx comment after new addition for this cycle
   - Fix a check in find_next_fd()

   - Fix data zeroing behavior when an extent spans the block that
     contains i_size
   - Restore i_size increasing in iomap_write_end() for now to avoid
     stale data exposure on xfs with a realtime device

   - Remove unneeded fdtable.h include
   - Improve trace output for cachefiles_obj_{get,put}_ondemand_fd()
   - Remove requests from the request list to prevent accessing already
     freed requests
   - Fix UAF when issuing restore command while the daemon is still
     alive by adding an additional reference count to requests
   - Fix UAF by grabbing a reference during xarray lookup with xa_lock()
   - Simplify error handling in cachefiles_ondemand_daemon_read()
   - Add consistency checks read and open requests to avoid crashes
   - Add a spinlock to protect ondemand_id variable which is used to
     determine whether an anonymous cachefiles fd has already been
   - Make on-demand reads killable allowing to handle broken cachefiles
     daemon better
   - Flush all requests after the kernel has been marked dead via
     CACHEFILES_DEAD to avoid hung-tasks
   - Ensure that closed requests are marked as such to avoid reusing
     them with a reopen request
   - Defer fd_install() until after copy_to_user() succeeded and thereby
     get rid of having to use close_fd()
   - Ensure that anonymous cachefiles on-demand fds are reused while
     they are valid to avoid pinning already freed cookies"

* tag 'vfs-6.10-rc4.fixes' of git://
  iomap: Fix iomap_adjust_read_range for plen calculation
  iomap: keep on increasing i_size in iomap_write_end()
  cachefiles: remove unneeded include of <linux/fdtable.h>
  fs/file: fix the check in find_next_fd()
  cachefiles: make on-demand read killable
  cachefiles: flush all requests after setting CACHEFILES_DEAD
  cachefiles: Set object to close if ondemand_id < 0 in copen
  cachefiles: defer exposing anon_fd until after copy_to_user() succeeds
  cachefiles: never get a new anonymous fd if ondemand_id is valid
  cachefiles: add spin_lock for cachefiles_ondemand_info
  cachefiles: add consistency check for copen/cread
  cachefiles: remove err_put_fd label in cachefiles_ondemand_daemon_read()
  cachefiles: fix slab-use-after-free in cachefiles_ondemand_daemon_read()
  cachefiles: fix slab-use-after-free in cachefiles_ondemand_get_fd()
  cachefiles: remove requests from xarray during flushing requests
  cachefiles: add output string to cachefiles_obj_[get|put]_ondemand_fd
  statx: Update offset commentary for struct statx
  netfs: fix kernel doc for nets_wait_for_outstanding_io()
  debugfs: continue to ignore unknown mount options