Merge tag 'powerpc-6.4-4' of git://

Pull powerpc fixes from Michael Ellerman:

 - Fix link errors in new aes-gcm-p10 code when built-in with other

 - Limit number of TCEs passed to H_STUFF_TCE hcall as per spec

 - Use KSYM_NAME_LEN in xmon array size to avoid possible OOB write

Thanks to Gaurav Batra and Maninder Singh Vishal Chourasia.

* tag 'powerpc-6.4-4' of git://
  powerpc/xmon: Use KSYM_NAME_LEN in array size
  powerpc/iommu: Limit number of TCEs to 512 for H_STUFF_TCE hcall
  powerpc/crypto: Fix aes-gcm-p10 link errors