Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://

Pull kvm fixes from Paolo Bonzini:

   - Address some fallout of the locking rework, this time affecting the
     way the vgic is configured

   - Fix an issue where the page table walker frees a subtree and then
     proceeds with walking what it has just freed...

   - Check that a given PA donated to the guest is actually memory (only
     affecting pKVM)

   - Correctly handle MTE CMOs by Set/Way

   - Fix the reported address of a watchpoint forwarded to userspace

   - Fix the freeing of the root of stage-2 page tables

   - Stop creating spurious PMU events to perform detection of the
     default PMU and use the existing PMU list instead


   - Fix a memslot lookup bug in the NX recovery thread that could
     theoretically let userspace bypass the NX hugepage mitigation

   - Fix a s/BLOCKING/PENDING bug in SVM's vNMI support

   - Account exit stats for fastpath VM-Exits that never leave the super
     tight run-loop

   - Fix an out-of-bounds bug in the optimized APIC map code, and add a
     regression test for the race"

* tag 'for-linus' of git://
  KVM: selftests: Add test for race in kvm_recalculate_apic_map()
  KVM: x86: Bail from kvm_recalculate_phys_map() if x2APIC ID is out-of-bounds
  KVM: x86: Account fastpath-only VM-Exits in vCPU stats
  KVM: x86/mmu: Grab memslot for correct address space in NX recovery worker
  KVM: arm64: Document default vPMU behavior on heterogeneous systems
  KVM: arm64: Iterate arm_pmus list to probe for default PMU
  KVM: arm64: Drop last page ref in kvm_pgtable_stage2_free_removed()
  KVM: arm64: Populate fault info for watchpoint
  KVM: arm64: Reload PTE after invoking walker callback on preorder traversal
  KVM: arm64: Handle trap of tagged Set/Way CMOs
  arm64: Add missing Set/Way CMO encodings
  KVM: arm64: Prevent unconditional donation of unmapped regions from the host
  KVM: arm64: vgic: Fix a comment
  KVM: arm64: vgic: Fix locking comment
  KVM: arm64: vgic: Wrap vgic_its_create() with config_lock
  KVM: arm64: vgic: Fix a circular locking issue