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kmod 2
Some bugs fixed: the worst of them was with an infinite loop when an alias
matched more than one module.
- New APIs in libkmod to:
- Get soft dependencies
- Get info from module files parsing ELF
- Get modversions from files parsing ELF
- Support to load gzipped kernel modules: kmod can be compiled with support to
gzipped modules by giving the --enable-zlib flag
- Support to forcefully load modules, both vermagic and modversion
- Support to force and nowait removal flags
- Configuration files are parsed in the same order as modprobe: files are
sorted alphabetically (independently of their dir) and files with the same
name obey a precedence order
- New tool: kmod-modinfo
- kmod-modprobe gained several features to be a 1:1 replacement for modprobe.
The only missing things are the options '--showconfig' and '-t / -l'. These
last ones have been deprecated long ago and they will be removed from
modprobe. A lot of effort has been put on kmod-modprobe to ensure it
maintains compabitility with modprobe.
- became the official mailing list for kmod
kmod 1
First version of kmod and its library, libkmod.
In the libkmod it's currently possible to:
- List modules currently loaded
- Get information about loaded modules such as initstate, refcount,
holders, sections, address and size
- Lookup modules by alias, module name or path
- Insert modules: options from configuration and extra options can be
passed, but flags are not implemented, yet
- Remove modules
- Filter list of modules using blacklist
- For each module, get the its list of options and install/remove
- Indexes can be loaded on startup to speedup lookups later
Tools provided with the same set of options as in module-init-tools:
- kmod-lsmod
- kmod-insmod
- kmod-rmmod
- kmod-modprobe, with some functionality still missing (use of softdep,
dump configuration, show modversions)