Merge tag 'md/3.17-more-fixes' of git://

Pull bugfixes for md/raid1 from Neil Brown:
 "It is amazing how much easier it is to find bugs when you know one is
  there.  Two bug reports resulted in finding 7 bugs!

  All are tagged for -stable.  Those that can't cause (rare) data
  corruption, cause lockups.

  Particularly, but not only, fixing new "resync" code"

* tag 'md/3.17-more-fixes' of git://
  md/raid1: fix_read_error should act on all non-faulty devices.
  md/raid1: count resync requests in nr_pending.
  md/raid1: update next_resync under resync_lock.
  md/raid1: Don't use next_resync to determine how far resync has progressed
  md/raid1: make sure resync waits for conflicting writes to complete.
  md/raid1: clean up request counts properly in close_sync()
  md/raid1:  be more cautious where we read-balance during resync.
  md/raid1: intialise start_next_window for READ case to avoid hang