Merge tag 'scsi-misc' of git://

Pull more SCSI updates from James Bottomley:
 "This is a set of minor fixes and clean ups in the core and various

  The only core change in behaviour is the I/O retry for spinup notify,
  but that shouldn't impact anything other than the failing case"

* tag 'scsi-misc' of git:// (23 commits)
  scsi: virtio_scsi: Add validation for residual bytes from response
  scsi: ipr: System crashes when seeing type 20 error
  scsi: core: Retry I/O for Notify (Enable Spinup) Required error
  scsi: mpi3mr: Fix warnings reported by smatch
  scsi: qedf: Add check to synchronize abort and flush
  scsi: MAINTAINERS: Add mpi3mr driver maintainers
  scsi: libfc: Fix array index out of bound exception
  scsi: mvsas: Use DEVICE_ATTR_RO()/RW() macro
  scsi: megaraid_mbox: Use DEVICE_ATTR_ADMIN_RO() macro
  scsi: qedf: Use DEVICE_ATTR_RO() macro
  scsi: qedi: Use DEVICE_ATTR_RO() macro
  scsi: message: mptfc: Switch from pci_ to dma_ API
  scsi: be2iscsi: Fix some missing space in some messages
  scsi: be2iscsi: Fix an error handling path in beiscsi_dev_probe()
  scsi: ufs: Fix build warning without CONFIG_PM
  scsi: bnx2fc: Remove meaningless bnx2fc_abts_cleanup() return value assignment
  scsi: qla2xxx: Add heartbeat check
  scsi: virtio_scsi: Do not overwrite SCSI status
  scsi: libsas: Add LUN number check in .slave_alloc callback
  scsi: core: Inline scsi_mq_alloc_queue()