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Pull kvm updates from Paolo Bonzini:
 "This is a large update by KVM standards, including AMD PSP (Platform
  Security Processor, aka "AMD Secure Technology") and ARM CoreSight
  (debug and trace) changes.


   - CoreSight: Add support for ETE and TRBE

   - Stage-2 isolation for the host kernel when running in protected

   - Guest SVE support when running in nVHE mode

   - Force W^X hypervisor mappings in nVHE mode

   - ITS save/restore for guests using direct injection with GICv4.1

   - nVHE panics now produce readable backtraces

   - Guest support for PTP using the ptp_kvm driver

   - Performance improvements in the S2 fault handler


   - AMD PSP driver changes

   - Optimizations and cleanup of nested SVM code

   - AMD: Support for virtual SPEC_CTRL

   - Optimizations of the new MMU code: fast invalidation, zap under
     read lock, enable/disably dirty page logging under read lock

   - /dev/kvm API for AMD SEV live migration (guest API coming soon)

   - support SEV virtual machines sharing the same encryption context

   - support SGX in virtual machines

   - add a few more statistics

   - improved directed yield heuristics

   - Lots and lots of cleanups


   - Rework of MMU notifier interface, simplifying and optimizing the
     architecture-specific code

   - a handful of "Get rid of oprofile leftovers" patches

   - Some selftests improvements"

* tag 'for-linus' of git:// (379 commits)
  KVM: selftests: Speed up set_memory_region_test
  selftests: kvm: Fix the check of return value
  KVM: x86: Take advantage of kvm_arch_dy_has_pending_interrupt()
  KVM: SVM: Skip SEV cache flush if no ASIDs have been used
  KVM: SVM: Remove an unnecessary prototype declaration of sev_flush_asids()
  KVM: SVM: Drop redundant svm_sev_enabled() helper
  KVM: SVM: Move SEV VMCB tracking allocation to sev.c
  KVM: SVM: Explicitly check max SEV ASID during sev_hardware_setup()
  KVM: SVM: Unconditionally invoke sev_hardware_teardown()
  KVM: SVM: Enable SEV/SEV-ES functionality by default (when supported)
  KVM: SVM: Condition sev_enabled and sev_es_enabled on CONFIG_KVM_AMD_SEV=y
  KVM: SVM: Append "_enabled" to module-scoped SEV/SEV-ES control variables
  KVM: SEV: Mask CPUID[0x8000001F].eax according to supported features
  KVM: SVM: Move SEV module params/variables to sev.c
  KVM: SVM: Disable SEV/SEV-ES if NPT is disabled
  KVM: SVM: Free sev_asid_bitmap during init if SEV setup fails
  KVM: SVM: Zero out the VMCB array used to track SEV ASID association
  x86/sev: Drop redundant and potentially misleading 'sev_enabled'
  KVM: x86: Move reverse CPUID helpers to separate header file
  KVM: x86: Rename GPR accessors to make mode-aware variants the defaults