Merge tag 'dlm-5.13' of git://

Pull dlm updates from David Teigland:
 "This includes more dlm networking cleanups and improvements for making
  dlm shutdowns more robust"

* tag 'dlm-5.13' of git://
  fs: dlm: fix missing unlock on error in accept_from_sock()
  fs: dlm: add shutdown hook
  fs: dlm: flush swork on shutdown
  fs: dlm: remove unaligned memory access handling
  fs: dlm: check on minimum msglen size
  fs: dlm: simplify writequeue handling
  fs: dlm: use GFP_ZERO for page buffer
  fs: dlm: change allocation limits
  fs: dlm: add check if dlm is currently running
  fs: dlm: add errno handling to check callback
  fs: dlm: set subclass for othercon sock_mutex
  fs: dlm: set connected bit after accept
  fs: dlm: fix mark setting deadlock
  fs: dlm: fix debugfs dump