Merge tag 's390-5.1-3' of git://

Pull s390 bug fixes from Martin Schwidefsky:

 - Fix overwrite of the initial ramdisk due to misuse of IS_ENABLED

 - Fix integer overflow in the dasd driver resulting in incorrect number
   of blocks for large devices

 - Fix a lockdep false positive in the 3270 driver

 - Fix a deadlock in the zcrypt driver

 - Fix incorrect debug feature entries in the pkey api

 - Fix inline assembly constraints fallout with CONFIG_KASAN=y

* tag 's390-5.1-3' of git://
  s390: correct some inline assembly constraints
  s390/pkey: add one more argument space for debug feature entry
  s390/zcrypt: fix possible deadlock situation on ap queue remove
  s390/3270: fix lockdep false positive on view->lock
  s390/dasd: Fix capacity calculation for large volumes
  s390/mem_detect: Use IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD)