Merge tag 'xfs-5.7-merge-12' of git://

Pull more xfs updates from Darrick Wong:
 "As promised last week, this batch changes how xfs interacts with
  memory reclaim; how the log batches and throttles log items; how hard
  writes near ENOSPC will try to squeeze more space out of the
  filesystem; and hopefully fix the last of the umount hangs after a
  catastrophic failure.


   - Validate the realtime geometry in the superblock when mounting

   - Refactor a bunch of tricky flag handling in the log code

   - Flush the CIL more judiciously so that we don't wait until there
     are millions of log items consuming a lot of memory.

   - Throttle transaction commits to prevent the xfs frontend from
     flooding the CIL with too many log items.

   - Account metadata buffers correctly for memory reclaim.

   - Mark slabs properly for memory reclaim. These should help reclaim
     run more effectively when XFS is using a lot of memory.

   - Don't write a garbage log record at unmount time if we're trying to
     trigger summary counter recalculation at next mount.

   - Don't block the AIL on locked dquot/inode buffers; instead trigger
     its backoff mechanism to give the lock holder a chance to finish

   - Ratelimit writeback flushing when buffered writes encounter ENOSPC.

   - Other minor cleanups.

   - Make reflink a synchronous operation when the fs is mounted with
     wsync or sync, which means that now we force the log to disk to
     record the changes"

* tag 'xfs-5.7-merge-12' of git:// (26 commits)
  xfs: reflink should force the log out if mounted with wsync
  xfs: factor out a new xfs_log_force_inode helper
  xfs: fix inode number overflow in ifree cluster helper
  xfs: remove redundant variable assignment in xfs_symlink()
  xfs: ratelimit inode flush on buffered write ENOSPC
  xfs: return locked status of inode buffer on xfsaild push
  xfs: trylock underlying buffer on dquot flush
  xfs: remove unnecessary ternary from xfs_create
  xfs: don't write a corrupt unmount record to force summary counter recalc
  xfs: factor inode lookup from xfs_ifree_cluster
  xfs: tail updates only need to occur when LSN changes
  xfs: factor common AIL item deletion code
  xfs: correctly acount for reclaimable slabs
  xfs: Improve metadata buffer reclaim accountability
  xfs: don't allow log IO to be throttled
  xfs: Throttle commits on delayed background CIL push
  xfs: Lower CIL flush limit for large logs
  xfs: remove some stale comments from the log code
  xfs: refactor unmount record writing
  xfs: merge xlog_commit_record with xlog_write_done