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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (C) 2013 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
#include "fsl_pamu.h"
struct dma_window {
phys_addr_t paddr;
u64 size;
int valid;
int prot;
struct fsl_dma_domain {
* Indicates the geometry size for the domain.
* This would be set when the geometry is
* configured for the domain.
dma_addr_t geom_size;
* Number of windows assocaited with this domain.
* During domain initialization, it is set to the
* the maximum number of subwindows allowed for a LIODN.
* Minimum value for this is 1 indicating a single PAMU
* window, without any sub windows. Value can be set/
* queried by set_attr/get_attr API for DOMAIN_ATTR_WINDOWS.
* Value can only be set once the geometry has been configured.
u32 win_cnt;
* win_arr contains information of the configured
* windows for a domain. This is allocated only
* when the number of windows for the domain are
* set.
struct dma_window *win_arr;
/* list of devices associated with the domain */
struct list_head devices;
/* dma_domain states:
* mapped - A particular mapping has been created
* within the configured geometry.
* enabled - DMA has been enabled for the given
* domain. This translates to setting of the
* valid bit for the primary PAACE in the PAMU
* PAACT table. Domain geometry should be set and
* it must have a valid mapping before DMA can be
* enabled for it.
int mapped;
int enabled;
/* stash_id obtained from the stash attribute details */
u32 stash_id;
struct pamu_stash_attribute dma_stash;
u32 snoop_id;
struct iommu_domain iommu_domain;
spinlock_t domain_lock;
/* domain-device relationship */
struct device_domain_info {
struct list_head link; /* link to domain siblings */
struct device *dev;
u32 liodn;
struct fsl_dma_domain *domain; /* pointer to domain */
#endif /* __FSL_PAMU_DOMAIN_H */