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* Original code:
* Copyright (C) 2012 - Virtual Open Systems and Columbia University
* Author: Christoffer Dall <>
* Mostly rewritten in C by Marc Zyngier <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
#include <asm/kvm_hyp.h>
static u64 *cp15_64(struct kvm_cpu_context *ctxt, int idx)
return (u64 *)(ctxt->cp15 + idx);
void __hyp_text __sysreg_save_state(struct kvm_cpu_context *ctxt)
ctxt->cp15[c0_MPIDR] = read_sysreg(VMPIDR);
ctxt->cp15[c0_CSSELR] = read_sysreg(CSSELR);
ctxt->cp15[c1_SCTLR] = read_sysreg(SCTLR);
ctxt->cp15[c1_CPACR] = read_sysreg(CPACR);
*cp15_64(ctxt, c2_TTBR0) = read_sysreg(TTBR0);
*cp15_64(ctxt, c2_TTBR1) = read_sysreg(TTBR1);
ctxt->cp15[c2_TTBCR] = read_sysreg(TTBCR);
ctxt->cp15[c3_DACR] = read_sysreg(DACR);
ctxt->cp15[c5_DFSR] = read_sysreg(DFSR);
ctxt->cp15[c5_IFSR] = read_sysreg(IFSR);
ctxt->cp15[c5_ADFSR] = read_sysreg(ADFSR);
ctxt->cp15[c5_AIFSR] = read_sysreg(AIFSR);
ctxt->cp15[c6_DFAR] = read_sysreg(DFAR);
ctxt->cp15[c6_IFAR] = read_sysreg(IFAR);
*cp15_64(ctxt, c7_PAR) = read_sysreg(PAR);
ctxt->cp15[c10_PRRR] = read_sysreg(PRRR);
ctxt->cp15[c10_NMRR] = read_sysreg(NMRR);
ctxt->cp15[c10_AMAIR0] = read_sysreg(AMAIR0);
ctxt->cp15[c10_AMAIR1] = read_sysreg(AMAIR1);
ctxt->cp15[c12_VBAR] = read_sysreg(VBAR);
ctxt->cp15[c13_CID] = read_sysreg(CID);
ctxt->cp15[c13_TID_URW] = read_sysreg(TID_URW);
ctxt->cp15[c13_TID_URO] = read_sysreg(TID_URO);
ctxt->cp15[c13_TID_PRIV] = read_sysreg(TID_PRIV);
ctxt->cp15[c14_CNTKCTL] = read_sysreg(CNTKCTL);
void __hyp_text __sysreg_restore_state(struct kvm_cpu_context *ctxt)
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c0_MPIDR], VMPIDR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c0_CSSELR], CSSELR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c1_SCTLR], SCTLR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c1_CPACR], CPACR);
write_sysreg(*cp15_64(ctxt, c2_TTBR0), TTBR0);
write_sysreg(*cp15_64(ctxt, c2_TTBR1), TTBR1);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c2_TTBCR], TTBCR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c3_DACR], DACR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c5_DFSR], DFSR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c5_IFSR], IFSR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c5_ADFSR], ADFSR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c5_AIFSR], AIFSR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c6_DFAR], DFAR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c6_IFAR], IFAR);
write_sysreg(*cp15_64(ctxt, c7_PAR), PAR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c10_PRRR], PRRR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c10_NMRR], NMRR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c10_AMAIR0], AMAIR0);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c10_AMAIR1], AMAIR1);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c12_VBAR], VBAR);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c13_CID], CID);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c13_TID_URW], TID_URW);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c13_TID_URO], TID_URO);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c13_TID_PRIV], TID_PRIV);
write_sysreg(ctxt->cp15[c14_CNTKCTL], CNTKCTL);