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* "memset" implementation for SH4
* Copyright (C) 1999 Niibe Yutaka
* Copyright (c) 2009 STMicroelectronics Limited
* Author: Stuart Menefy <>
* void *memset(void *s, int c, size_t n);
#include <linux/linkage.h>
mov #12,r0
add r6,r4
cmp/gt r6,r0
bt/s 40f ! if it's too small, set a byte at once
mov r4,r0
and #3,r0
cmp/eq #0,r0
bt/s 2f ! It's aligned
sub r0,r6
dt r0
bf/s 1b
mov.b r5,@-r4
2: ! make VVVV
extu.b r5,r5
swap.b r5,r0 ! V0
or r0,r5 ! VV
swap.w r5,r0 ! VV00
or r0,r5 ! VVVV
! Check if enough bytes need to be copied to be worth the big loop
mov #0x40, r0 ! (MT)
cmp/gt r6,r0 ! (MT) 64 > len => slow loop
bt/s 22f
mov r6,r0
! align the dst to the cache block size if necessary
mov r4, r3
mov #~(0x1f), r1
and r3, r1
cmp/eq r3, r1
bt/s 11f ! dst is already aligned
sub r1, r3 ! r3-r1 -> r3
shlr2 r3 ! number of loops
10: mov.l r5,@-r4
dt r3
bf/s 10b
add #-4, r6
11: ! dst is 32byte aligned
mov r6,r2
mov #-5,r0
shld r0,r2 ! number of loops
add #-32, r4
mov r5, r0
movca.l r0,@r4
mov.l r5,@(4, r4)
mov.l r5,@(8, r4)
mov.l r5,@(12,r4)
mov.l r5,@(16,r4)
mov.l r5,@(20,r4)
add #-0x20, r6
mov.l r5,@(24,r4)
dt r2
mov.l r5,@(28,r4)
bf/s 12b
add #-32, r4
add #32, r4
mov #8, r0
cmp/ge r0, r6
bf 40f
mov r6,r0
shlr2 r0
shlr r0 ! r0 = r6 >> 3
dt r0
mov.l r5,@-r4 ! set 8-byte at once
bf/s 3b
mov.l r5,@-r4
mov #7,r0
and r0,r6
! fill bytes (length may be zero)
40: tst r6,r6
bt 5f
dt r6
bf/s 4b
mov.b r5,@-r4
mov r4,r0