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!! libgcc routines for the Renesas / SuperH SH CPUs.
!! Contributed by Steve Chamberlain.
!! ashiftrt_r4_x, ___ashrsi3, ___ashlsi3, ___lshrsi3 routines
!! recoded in assembly by Toshiyasu Morita
/* SH2 optimizations for ___ashrsi3, ___ashlsi3, ___lshrsi3 and
ELF local label prefixes by J"orn Rennecke */
/* r0: rn r1: qn */ /* r0: n1 r4: n0 r5: d r6: d1 */ /* r2: __m */
/* n1 < d, but n1 might be larger than d1. */
.global __udiv_qrnnd_16
.balign 8
cmp/hi r6,r0
bt .Lots
.rept 16
div1 r6,r0
extu.w r0,r1
bt 0f
add r6,r0
0: rotcl r1
mulu.w r1,r5
xtrct r4,r0
swap.w r0,r0
sts macl,r2
cmp/hs r2,r0
sub r2,r0
bt 0f
addc r5,r0
add #-1,r1
bt 0f
1: add #-1,r1
add r5,r0
.balign 8
sub r5,r0
swap.w r4,r1
xtrct r0,r1
mov r1,r0
addc r5,r0
mov #-1,r1
bf/s 1b
shlr16 r1
0: rts