Merge branch 'linus' of git://

Pull crypto fixes from Herbert Xu:

 - fix new compiler warnings in cavium

 - set post-op IV properly in caam (this fixes chaining)

 - fix potential use-after-free in atmel in case of EBUSY

 - fix sleeping in softirq path in chcr

 - disable buggy sha1-avx2 driver (may overread and page fault)

 - fix use-after-free on signals in caam

* 'linus' of git://
  crypto: cavium - make several functions static
  crypto: chcr - Avoid algo allocation in softirq.
  crypto: caam - properly set IV after {en,de}crypt
  crypto: atmel - only treat EBUSY as transient if backlog
  crypto: af_alg - Avoid sock_graft call warning
  crypto: caam - fix signals handling
  crypto: sha1-ssse3 - Disable avx2