Merge tag 'drm-next-2020-01-30' of git://

Pull drm updates from Davbe Airlie:
 "This is the main pull request for graphics for 5.6. Usual selection of
  changes all over.

  I've got one outstanding vmwgfx pull that touches mm so kept it
  separate until after all of this lands. I'll try and get it to you
  soon after this, but it might be early next week (nothing wrong with
  code, just my schedule is messy)

  This also hits a lot of fbdev drivers with some cleanups.

  Other notables:
   - vulkan timeline semaphore support added to syncobjs
   - nouveau turing secureboot/graphics support
   - Displayport MST display stream compression support

  Detailed summary:

   - dma-buf heaps added (and fixed)
   - command line add support for panel oreientation
   - command line allow overriding penguin count

   - mipi dsi definition updates
   - lockdep annotations for dma_resv
   - remove dma-buf kmap/kunmap support
   - constify fb_ops in all fbdev drivers
   - MST fix for daisy chained hotplug-
   - CTA-861-G modes with VIC >= 193 added
   - fix drm_panel_of_backlight export
   - LVDS decoder support
   - more device based logging support
   - scanline alighment for dumb buffers
   - MST DSC helpers

   - documentation fixes
   - job distribution improvements

   - Logic PD type 28 panel support
   - Jimax8729d MIPI-DSI
   - igenic JZ4770
   - generic DSI devicetree bindings
   - sony acx424AKP panel
   - Leadtek LTK500HD1829
   - xinpeng XPP055C272
   - AUO B116XAK01
   - GiantPlus GPM940B0
   - BOE NV140FHM-N49
   - Satoz SAT050AT40H12R2
   - Sharp LS020B1DD01D panels.

   - use blocking WW lock

   - hw/uapi state separation
   - Lock annotation improvements
   - selftest improvements
   - ICL/TGL DSI VDSC support
   - VBT parsing improvments
   - Display refactoring
   - DSI updates + fixes
   - HDCP 2.2 for CFL
   - CML PCI ID fixes
   - GLK+ fbc fix
   - PSR fixes
   - GEN/GT refactor improvments
   - DP MST fixes
   - switch context id alloc to xarray
   - workaround updates
   - LMEM debugfs support
   - tiled monitor fixes
   - ICL+ clock gating programming removed
   - DP MST disable sequence fixed
   - LMEM discontiguous object maps
   - prefaulting for discontiguous objects
   - use LMEM for dumb buffers if possible
   - add LMEM mmap support

   - enable sync object timelines for vulkan
   - MST atomic routines
   - enable MST DSC support
   - add DMCUB display microengine support
   - DC OEM i2c support
   - Renoir DC fixes
   - Initial HDCP 2.x support
   - BACO support for Arcturus
   - Use BACO for runtime PM power save
   - gfxoff on navi10
   - gfx10 golden updates and fixes
   - DCN support on POWER
   - GFXOFF for raven1 refresh
   - MM engine idle handlers cleanup
   - 10bpc EDP panel fixes
   - renoir watermark fixes
   - SR-IOV fixes
   - Arcturus VCN fixes
   - GDDR6 training fixes
   - freesync fixes
   - Pollock support

   - unify more codepath with amdgpu
   - use KIQ to setup HIQ rather than MMIO

   - fix vma fault handler race
   - PPC DMA fix
   - register check fixes for r100/r200

   - mmap_sem vs dma_resv fix
   - rewrite the ACR secure boot code for Turing
   - TU10x graphics engine support (TU11x pending)
   - Page kind mapping for turing
   - 10-bit LUT support
   - GP10B Tegra fixes
   - HD audio regression fix

   - use generic fbdev code and helpers

   - dsi/px30 support

   - fb damage support
   - static some functions

   - use dma_resv lock wrappers

   - use dma_resv lock wrappers
   - sc7180 display + DSI support
   - a618 support
   - UBWC support improvements

   - updates + new logging uapi

   - enable/disable callback cleanups

   - use dma_resv lock wrappers

   - clock fixes

   - cmdq support
   - non-smooth cursor fixes
   - ctm property support

   - suspend support
   - A64 mipi dsi support

   - Color management module support
   - LVDS encoder dual-link support
   - R8A77980 support

   - add support for an6345

   - atomic modeset support
   - primary plane garbage fix

   - fixes for fourcc handling

   - minor fixes and improvments

   - vblank support

   - OSD1 plane AFBC commit

   - add pageflip support
   - reomve global drm_dev

   - tweak debugfs output
   - d32 support
   - runtime PM suppotr

   - use generic shmem helpers
   - cleanup and fixes"

* tag 'drm-next-2020-01-30' of git:// (1998 commits)
  drm/nouveau/fb/gp102-: allow module to load even when scrubber binary is missing
  drm/nouveau/acr: return error when registering LSF if ACR not supported
  drm/nouveau/disp/gv100-: not all channel types support reporting error codes
  drm/nouveau/disp/nv50-: prevent oops when no channel method map provided
  drm/nouveau: support synchronous pushbuf submission
  drm/nouveau: signal pending fences when channel has been killed
  drm/nouveau: reject attempts to submit to dead channels
  drm/nouveau: zero vma pointer even if we only unreference it rather than free
  drm/nouveau: Add HD-audio component notifier support
  drm/nouveau: fix build error without CONFIG_IOMMU_API
  drm/nouveau/kms/nv04: remove set but not used variable 'width'
  drm/nouveau/kms/nv50: remove set but not unused variable 'nv_connector'
  drm/nouveau/mmu: fix comptag memory leak
  drm/nouveau/gr/gp10b: Use gp100_grctx and gp100_gr_zbc
  drm/nouveau/pmu/gm20b,gp10b: Fix Falcon bootstrapping
  drm/exynos: Rename Exynos to lowercase
  drm/exynos: change callback names
  drm/mst: Don't do atomic checks over disabled managers
  drm/amdgpu: add the lost mutex_init back
  drm/amd/display: skip opp blank or unblank if test pattern enabled