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Pull networking fixes from David Miller:
 "Several bug fixes, many are quick merge-window regression cures:

   - When NLM_F_EXCL is not set, allow same fib rule insertion. From
     Hangbin Liu.

   - Several cures in sja1105 DSA driver (while loop exit condition fix,
     return of negative u8, etc.) from Vladimir Oltean.

   - Handle tx/rx delays in realtek PHY driver properly, from Serge

   - Double free in cls_matchall, from Pieter Jansen van Vuuren.

   - Disable SIOCSHWTSTAMP in macvlan/vlan containers, from Hangbin Liu.

   - Endainness fixes in aqc111, from Oliver Neukum.

   - Handle errors in packet_init properly, from Haibing Yue.

   - Various W=1 warning fixes in kTLS, from Jakub Kicinski"

* git:// (34 commits)
  nfp: add missing kdoc
  net/tls: handle errors from padding_length()
  net/tls: remove set but not used variables
  docs/btf: fix the missing section marks
  nfp: bpf: fix static check error through tightening shift amount adjustment
  selftests: bpf: initialize bpf_object pointers where needed
  packet: Fix error path in packet_init
  net/tcp: use deferred jump label for TCP acked data hook
  net: aquantia: fix undefined devm_hwmon_device_register_with_info reference
  aqc111: fix double endianness swap on BE
  aqc111: fix writing to the phy on BE
  aqc111: fix endianness issue in aqc111_change_mtu
  vlan: disable SIOCSHWTSTAMP in container
  macvlan: disable SIOCSHWTSTAMP in container
  tipc: fix hanging clients using poll with EPOLLOUT flag
  tuntap: synchronize through tfiles array instead of tun->numqueues
  tuntap: fix dividing by zero in ebpf queue selection
  dwmac4_prog_mtl_tx_algorithms() missing write operation
  ptp_qoriq: fix NULL access if ptp dt node missing
  net/sched: avoid double free on matchall reoffload