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The cpufrequtils package (homepage: )
consists of the following elements:
On x86 pciutils is needed at runtime (-lpci).
For compilation pciutils-devel (pci/pci.h) and a gcc version
providing cpuid.h is needed.
For both it's not explicitly checked for (yet).
"libcpufreq" is a library which offers a unified access method for userspace
tools and programs to the cpufreq core and drivers in the Linux kernel. This
allows for code reduction in userspace tools, a clean implementation of
the interaction to the cpufreq core, and support for both the sysfs and proc
interfaces [depending on configuration, see below].
compilation and installation
make install
should suffice on most systems. It builds default libcpufreq,
cpufreq-set and cpufreq-info files and installs them in /usr/lib and
/usr/bin, respectively. If you want to set up the paths differently and/or
want to configure the package to your specific needs, you need to open
"Makefile" with an editor of your choice and edit the block marked
Many thanks to Mattia Dongili who wrote the autotoolization and
libtoolization, the manpages and the italian language file for cpufrequtils;
to Dave Jones for his feedback and his dump_psb tool; to Bruno Ducrot for his
powernow-k8-decode and intel_gsic tools as well as the french language file;
and to various others commenting on the previous (pre-)releases of
Dominik Brodowski