Merge tag 'vfio-v5.7-rc1' of git://

Pull VFIO updates from Alex Williamson:

 - vfio-pci SR-IOV support (Alex Williamson)

 - vfio DMA read/write interface (Yan Zhao)

 - Fix vfio-platform erroneous IRQ error log (Eric Auger)

 - Fix shared ATSD support for NVLink on POWER (Sam Bobroff)

 - Fix init error without CONFIG_IOMMU_DMA (Andre Przywara)

* tag 'vfio-v5.7-rc1' of git://
  vfio: Ignore -ENODEV when getting MSI cookie
  vfio-pci/nvlink2: Allow fallback to ibm,mmio-atsd[0]
  vfio/pci: Cleanup .probe() exit paths
  vfio/pci: Remove dev_fmt definition
  vfio/pci: Add sriov_configure support
  vfio: Introduce VFIO_DEVICE_FEATURE ioctl and first user
  vfio/pci: Introduce VF token
  vfio/pci: Implement match ops
  vfio: Include optional device match in vfio_device_ops callbacks
  vfio: avoid inefficient operations on VFIO group in vfio_pin/unpin_pages
  vfio: introduce vfio_dma_rw to read/write a range of IOVAs
  vfio: allow external user to get vfio group from device
  vfio: platform: Switch to platform_get_irq_optional()