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Pull clk updates from Stephen Boyd:
 "There's not much to see in the core framework this time around.
  Instead the majority of the diff is the normal collection of driver
  additions for new SoCs and non-critical clk data fixes and updates.
  The framework must be middle aged.

  The two biggest directories in the diffstat show that the Qualcomm and
  Unisoc support added a handful of big drivers for new SoCs but that's
  not really the whole story because those new drivers tend to add large
  numbers of lines of clk data. There's a handful of AT91 clk drivers
  added this time around too and a bunch of improvements to drivers like
  the i.MX driver. All around lots of updates and fixes in various clk
  drivers which is good to see.

  The core framework has only one real major change which has been
  baking in next for the past couple months. It fixes the framework so
  that it stops caching a clk's phase when the phase clk_op returns an
  error. Before this change we would consider some negative errno as a
  phase and that just doesn't make sense.

   - Don't show clk phase when it is invalid

  New Drivers:
   - Add support for Unisoc SC9863A clks
   - Qualcomm SM8250 RPMh and MSM8976 RPM clks
   - Qualcomm SM8250 Global Clock Controller (GCC) support
   - Qualcomm SC7180 Modem Clock Controller (MSS CC) support
   - EHRPWM's TimeBase clock(TBCLK) for TI AM654 SoCs
   - Support PMC clks on at91sam9n12, at91rm9200, sama5d3, and
     at91sam9g45 SoCs

   - GPU GX GDSC support on Qualcomm sc7180
   - Fixes and improvements for the Marvell MMP2/MMP3 SoC clk drivers
   - A series from Anson to convert i.MX8 clock bindings to json-schema
   - Update i.MX pll14xx driver to include new frequency entries for
     pll1443x table, and return error for invalid PLL type
   - Add missing of_node_put() call for a number of i.MX clock drivers
   - Drop flag CLK_IS_CRITICAL from 'A53_CORE' mux clock, as we already
     have the flag on its child cpu clock
   - Fix a53 cpu clock for i.MX8 drivers to get it source from ARM PLL
     via CORE_SEL slice, and source from A53 CCM clk root when we need
     to change ARM PLL frequency. Thus, we can support core running
     above 1GHz safely
   - Update i.MX pfdv2 driver to check zero rate and use determine_rate
     for getting the best rate
   - Add CLKO2 for imx8mm, SNVS clock for imx8mn, and PXP clock for
   - Remove PMC clks from Tegra clk driver
   - Improved clock/reset handling for the Renesas R-Car USB2 Clock
   - Conversion to json-schema of the Renesas CPG/MSSR DT bindings
   - Add Crypto clocks on Renesas R-Car M3-W/W+, M3-N, E3, and D3
   - Add RPC (QSPI/HyperFLASH) clocks on Renesas R-Car H3, M3-W/W+, and
   - Update Amlogic audio clock gate hierarchy for meson8 and gxbb
   - Update Amlogic g12a spicc clock sources
   - Support for Ingenic X1000 TCU clks"

* tag 'clk-for-linus' of git:// (146 commits)
  clk: sprd: fix to get a correct ibias of pll
  dt-bindings: imx8mm-clock: Fix the file path
  dt-bindings: imx8mq-clock: Fix the file path
  clk: qcom: rpmh: Drop unnecessary semicolons
  clk: qcom: rpmh: Simplify clk_rpmh_bcm_send_cmd()
  clk: tegra: Use NULL for pointer initialization
  clk: sprd: add clocks support for SC9863A
  clk: sprd: support to get regmap from parent node
  clk: sprd: Add macros for referencing parents without strings
  clk: sprd: Add dt-bindings include file for SC9863A
  dt-bindings: clk: sprd: add bindings for sc9863a clock controller
  dt-bindings: clk: sprd: rename the common file name sprd.txt to SoC specific
  clk: sprd: add gate for pll clocks
  MAINTAINERS: dt: update reference for arm-integrator.txt
  clk: mmp2: Fix bit masks for LCDC I/O and pixel clocks
  clk: mmp2: Add clock for fifth SD HCI on MMP3
  dt-bindings: marvell,mmp2: Add clock id for the fifth SD HCI on MMP3
  clk: mmp2: Add clocks for the thermal sensors
  dt-bindings: marvell,mmp2: Add clock ids for the thermal sensors
  clk: mmp2: add the GPU clocks