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Pull tracing updates from Steven Rostedt:
 "New tracing features:

   - The ring buffer is no longer disabled when reading the trace file.

     The trace_pipe file was made to be used for live tracing and
     reading as it acted like the normal producer/consumer. As the trace
     file would not consume the data, the easy way of handling it was to
     just disable writes to the ring buffer.

     This came to a surprise to the BPF folks who complained about lost
     events due to reading. This is no longer an issue. If someone wants
     to keep the old disabling there's a new option "pause-on-trace"
     that can be set.

   - New set_ftrace_notrace_pid file. PIDs in this file will not be
     traced by the function tracer.

     Similar to set_ftrace_pid, which makes the function tracer only
     trace those tasks with PIDs in the file, the set_ftrace_notrace_pid
     does the reverse.

   - New set_event_notrace_pid file. PIDs in this file will cause events
     not to be traced if triggered by a task with a matching PID.

     Similar to the set_event_pid file but will not be traced. Note,
     sched_waking and sched_switch events may still be traced if one of
     the tasks referenced by those events contains a PID that is allowed
     to be traced.

  Tracing related features:

   - New bootconfig option, that is attached to the initrd file.

     If bootconfig is on the command line, then the initrd file is
     searched looking for a bootconfig appended at the end.

   - New GPU tracepoint infrastructure to help the gfx drivers to get
     off debugfs (acked by Greg Kroah-Hartman)

  And other minor updates and fixes"

* tag 'trace-v5.7' of git:// (27 commits)
  tracing: Do not allocate buffer in trace_find_next_entry() in atomic
  tracing: Add documentation on set_ftrace_notrace_pid and set_event_notrace_pid
  selftests/ftrace: Add test to test new set_event_notrace_pid file
  selftests/ftrace: Add test to test new set_ftrace_notrace_pid file
  tracing: Create set_event_notrace_pid to not trace tasks
  ftrace: Create set_ftrace_notrace_pid to not trace tasks
  ftrace: Make function trace pid filtering a bit more exact
  ftrace/kprobe: Show the maxactive number on kprobe_events
  tracing: Have the document reflect that the trace file keeps tracing enabled
  ring-buffer/tracing: Have iterator acknowledge dropped events
  tracing: Do not disable tracing when reading the trace file
  ring-buffer: Do not disable recording when there is an iterator
  ring-buffer: Make resize disable per cpu buffer instead of total buffer
  ring-buffer: Optimize rb_iter_head_event()
  ring-buffer: Do not die if rb_iter_peek() fails more than thrice
  ring-buffer: Have rb_iter_head_event() handle concurrent writer
  ring-buffer: Add page_stamp to iterator for synchronization
  ring-buffer: Rename ring_buffer_read() to read_buffer_iter_advance()
  ring-buffer: Have ring_buffer_empty() not depend on tracing stopped
  tracing: Save off entry when peeking at next entry