Merge tag 'rtc-5.7' of git://

Pull RTC updates from Alexandre Belloni:
 "More cleanup this cycle, with the final goal of removing the
  rtc_time_to_tm and rtc_tm_to_time wrappers. All the drivers that have
  been modified for this now are ready for the end of times (whether it
  happens in 2033, 2038, 2106, 2127 or even 4052). There is also a
  single new driver and the usual fixes and features.



   - The rtc_time_to_tm and rtc_tm_to_time wrappers have finally been
     removed and only the 64bit version remain.

   - hctosys now works with drivers compiled as modules

  New driver:

   - MediaTek MT2712 SoC based RTC


   - set range for 88pm860x, au1xxx, cpcap, da9052, davinci, ds1305,
     ds1374, mcp5121, pl030, pl031, pm8xxx, puv3, sa1100, sirfsoc,
     starfire, sun6i

   - ds1307: DS1388 oscillator failure detection and watchdog support

   - jz4740: JZ4760 support

   - pcf85063: clock out pin support

   - sun6i: external 32k oscillator is now optional, the range is now
     handled by the core, providing a solution for 2034"

* tag 'rtc-5.7' of git:// (87 commits)
  rtc: ds1307: check for failed memory allocation on wdt
  rtc: class: remove redundant assignment to variable err
  rtc: remove rtc_time_to_tm and rtc_tm_to_time
  rtc: sun6i: let the core handle rtc range
  rtc: sun6i: switch to rtc_time64_to_tm/rtc_tm_to_time64
  rtc: ds1307: add support for watchdog timer on ds1388
  rtc: da9052: switch to rtc_time64_to_tm/rtc_tm_to_time64
  rtc: da9052: set range
  rtc: da9052: convert to devm_rtc_allocate_device
  rtc: imx-sc: Align imx sc msg structs to 4
  rtc: fsl-ftm-alarm: report alarm to core
  rtc: pcf85063: Add pcf85063 clkout control to common clock framework
  rtc: make definitions in include/uapi/linux/rtc.h actually useful for user space
  rtc: class: avoid unnecessary lookup in hctosys
  dt-bindings: rtc: Convert and update jz4740-rtc doc to YAML
  rtc: jz4740: Rename vendor-specific DT properties
  rtc: jz4740: Add support for JZ4760 SoC
  rtc: class: support hctosys from modular RTC drivers
  rtc: pm8xxx: clear alarm register when alarm is not enabled
  rtc: omap: drop unused dt-bindings header