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  ARM: 7182/1: ARM cpu topology: fix warning
  ARM: 7181/1: Restrict kprobes probing SWP instructions to ARMv5 and below
  ARM: 7180/1: Change kprobes testcase with unpredictable STRD instruction
  ARM: 7177/1: GIC: avoid skipping non-existent PPIs in irq_start calculation
  ARM: 7176/1: cpu_pm: register GIC PM notifier only once
  ARM: 7175/1: add subname parameter to mfp_set_groupg callers
  ARM: 7174/1: Fix build error in kprobes test code on Thumb2 kernels
  ARM: 7172/1: dma: Drop GFP_COMP for DMA memory allocations
  ARM: 7171/1: unwind: add unwind directives to bitops assembly macros
  ARM: 7170/2: fix compilation breakage in entry-armv.S
  ARM: 7168/1: use cache type functions for arch_get_unmapped_area
  ARM: perf: check that we have a platform device when reserving PMU
  ARM: 7166/1: Use PMD_SHIFT instead of PGDIR_SHIFT in dma-consistent.c
  ARM: 7165/2: PL330: Fix typo in _prepare_ccr()
  ARM: 7163/2: PL330: Only register usable channels
  ARM: 7162/1: errata: tidy up Kconfig options for PL310 errata workarounds
  ARM: 7161/1: errata: no automatic store buffer drain
  ARM: perf: initialise used_mask for fake PMU during validation
  ARM: PMU: remove pmu_init declaration
  ARM: PMU: re-export release_pmu symbol to modules