Merge tag 'trace-v5.12-rc1' of git://

Pull tracing fixes from Steven Rostedt:
 "Functional fixes:

   - Fix big endian conversion for arm64 in recordmcount processing

   - Fix timestamp corruption in ring buffer on discarding events

   - Fix memory leak in __create_synth_event()

   - Skip selftests if tracing is disabled as it will cause them to

  Non-functional fixes:

   - Fix help text in Kconfig

   - Remove duplicate prototype for trace_empty()

   - Fix stale comment about the trace_event_call flags.

  Self test update:

   - Add more information to the validation output of when a corrupt
     timestamp is found in the ring buffer, and also trigger a warning
     to make sure that tests catch it"

* tag 'trace-v5.12-rc1' of git://
  tracing: Fix comment about the trace_event_call flags
  tracing: Skip selftests if tracing is disabled
  tracing: Fix memory leak in __create_synth_event()
  ring-buffer: Add a little more information and a WARN when time stamp going backwards is detected
  ring-buffer: Force before_stamp and write_stamp to be different on discard
  tracing: Fix help text of TRACEPOINT_BENCHMARK in Kconfig
  tracing: Remove duplicate declaration from trace.h
  ftrace: Have recordmcount use w8 to read relp->r_info in arm64_is_fake_mcount