Samsung DTS ARM64 changes for v5.11

1. Several cleanups, including aligning node names with dtschema.
2. Add WiFi/PCIe to TM2 boards (Exynos5433).
3. Correct restart and shutdown of Exynos7 boards, as part of PaweĊ‚
   Chmiel Exynos7420 mainlining effort.
arm64: dts: exynos: Drop incorrect use of io-channel-ranges property

This property is for consumers of io-channels. Here it is used in
providers of those channels.

Note dt-schema will currently flag this as an error due to a dependency
between this property and io-channels.

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Cameron <>
Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Kozlowski <>
2 files changed