Merge tag 'iwlwifi-next-for-kalle-2021-12-21-v2' of git://

wlwifi patches for v5.17 v2

* Support for Time-Aware-SAR (TAS) as read from the BIOS;
* Fix scan timeout issue when 6GHz is enabled;
* Work continues for new HW family Bz;
* Support for Optimized Connectivity Experience (OCE) scan;
* A bunch of FW debugging improvements and fixes;
* Fix one 32-bit compilation issue;
* Some RX changes for new HW family
* Some fixes for 6 GHz scan;
* Fix SAR table fixes with newer platforms;
* Fix early restart crash;
* Small fix in the debugging code;
* Add new Killer device IDs;
* Datapath updates for Bz family continues;
* A couple of important fixes in iwlmei;
* Some other small fixes, clean-ups and improvements.