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  1. d77facb brcmfmac: use local iftype avoiding use-after-free of virtual interface by Arend Van Spriel · 5 weeks ago master wireless-drivers-for-davem-2017-04-03
  2. 893dc68 rtlwifi: Fix scheduling while atomic splat by Larry Finger · 6 weeks ago
  3. d8a531c Merge tag 'iwlwifi-for-kalle-2017-03-29' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/iwlwifi/iwlwifi-fixes by Kalle Valo · 4 weeks ago
  4. 4d33998 iwlwifi: mvm: support ibss in dqa mode by Liad Kaufman · 6 weeks ago
  5. 251fe09 iwlwifi: mvm: writing zero bytes to debugfs causes a crash by Dan Carpenter · 5 weeks ago
  6. a956002 iwlwifi: mvm: fix accessing fw_id_to_mac_id by Sara Sharon · 3 months ago
  7. 6be3b6c ath10k: fix incorrect wlan_mac_base in qca6174_regs by Ryan Hsu · 7 weeks ago wireless-drivers-for-davem-2017-03-21
  8. cf8c44d MAINTAINERS: update for mwifiex driver maintainers by Amitkumar Karwar · 9 weeks ago
  9. 36908c4 mwifiex: uninit wakeup info when removing device by Brian Norris · 7 weeks ago
  10. ba1c7e4 mwifiex: set adapter->dev before starting to use mwifiex_dbg() by Brian Norris · 7 weeks ago
  11. 4e841d3 mwifiex: pcie: don't leak DMA buffers when removing by Brian Norris · 7 weeks ago
  12. 9a3fcf9 iwlwifi: mvm: cleanup pending frames in DQA mode by Sara Sharon · 7 weeks ago
  13. 22a0e18 net: properly release sk_frag.page by Eric Dumazet · 7 weeks ago
  14. 622c36f amd-xgbe: Fix jumbo MTU processing on newer hardware by Lendacky, Thomas · 7 weeks ago
  15. 5371bbf net: bcmgenet: Do not suspend PHY if Wake-on-LAN is enabled by Florian Fainelli · 7 weeks ago
  16. 88d339e MAINTAINERS: remove MACVLAN and VLAN entries by Pablo Neira · 7 weeks ago
  17. e11607a Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/pablo/nf by David S. Miller · 7 weeks ago
  18. 3d20f1f net/openvswitch: Set the ipv6 source tunnel key address attribute correctly by Or Gerlitz · 7 weeks ago
  19. fe8daf5 fjes: Fix wrong netdevice feature flags by Taku Izumi · 7 weeks ago
  20. 95422de Merge tag 'scsi-fixes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi by Linus Torvalds · 7 weeks ago