Merge tag 'rust-fixes-6.9' of

Pull Rust fixes from Miguel Ojeda:

 - Soundness: make internal functions generated by the 'module!' macro
   inaccessible, do not implement 'Zeroable' for 'Infallible' and
   require 'Send' for the 'Module' trait.

 - Build: avoid errors with "empty" files and workaround 'rustdoc' ICE.

 - Kconfig: depend on '!CFI_CLANG' and avoid selecting 'CONSTRUCTORS'.

 - Code docs: remove non-existing key from 'module!' macro example.

 - Docs: trivial rendering fix in arch table.

* tag 'rust-fixes-6.9' of
  rust: remove `params` from `module` macro example
  kbuild: rust: force `alloc` extern to allow "empty" Rust files
  kbuild: rust: remove unneeded `@rustc_cfg` to avoid ICE
  rust: kernel: require `Send` for `Module` implementations
  rust: phy: implement `Send` for `Registration`
  rust: make mutually exclusive with CFI_CLANG
  rust: macros: fix soundness issue in `module!` macro
  rust: init: remove impl Zeroable for Infallible
  docs: rust: fix improper rendering in Arch Support page
  rust: don't select CONSTRUCTORS