Merge tag 'phy-fixes-6.9' of git://

Pull phy fixes from Vinod Koul:

 - static checker (array size, bounds) fix for marvel driver

 - Rockchip rk3588 pcie fixes for bifurcation and mux

 - Qualcomm qmp-compbo fix for VCO, register base and regulator name for
   m31 driver

 - charger det crash fix for ti driver

* tag 'phy-fixes-6.9' of git://
  phy: ti: tusb1210: Resolve charger-det crash if charger psy is unregistered
  phy: qcom: qmp-combo: fix VCO div offset on v5_5nm and v6
  phy: phy-rockchip-samsung-hdptx: Select CONFIG_RATIONAL
  phy: qcom: m31: match requested regulator name with dt schema
  phy: qcom: qmp-combo: Fix register base for QSERDES_DP_PHY_MODE
  phy: qcom: qmp-combo: Fix VCO div offset on v3
  phy: rockchip: naneng-combphy: Fix mux on rk3588
  phy: rockchip-snps-pcie3: fix clearing PHP_GRF_PCIESEL_CON bits
  phy: rockchip-snps-pcie3: fix bifurcation on rk3588
  phy: freescale: imx8m-pcie: fix pcie link-up instability
  phy: marvell: a3700-comphy: Fix hardcoded array size
  phy: marvell: a3700-comphy: Fix out of bounds read