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* AVR32 system call table
* Copyright (C) 2004-2006 Atmel Corporation
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
.section .rodata,"a",@progbits
.type sys_call_table,@object
.global sys_call_table
.align 2
.long sys_restart_syscall
.long sys_exit
.long sys_fork
.long sys_read
.long sys_write
.long sys_open
.long sys_close
.long sys_umask
.long sys_creat
.long sys_link
.long sys_unlink /* 10 */
.long sys_execve
.long sys_chdir
.long sys_time
.long sys_mknod
.long sys_chmod
.long sys_chown
.long sys_lchown
.long sys_lseek
.long sys_llseek
.long sys_getpid /* 20 */
.long sys_mount
.long sys_umount
.long sys_setuid
.long sys_getuid
.long sys_stime
.long sys_ptrace
.long sys_alarm
.long sys_pause
.long sys_utime
.long sys_newstat /* 30 */
.long sys_newfstat
.long sys_newlstat
.long sys_access
.long sys_chroot
.long sys_sync
.long sys_fsync
.long sys_kill
.long sys_rename
.long sys_mkdir
.long sys_rmdir /* 40 */
.long sys_dup
.long sys_pipe
.long sys_times
.long sys_clone
.long sys_brk
.long sys_setgid
.long sys_getgid
.long sys_getcwd
.long sys_geteuid
.long sys_getegid /* 50 */
.long sys_acct
.long sys_setfsuid
.long sys_setfsgid
.long sys_ioctl
.long sys_fcntl
.long sys_setpgid
.long sys_mremap
.long sys_setresuid
.long sys_getresuid
.long sys_setreuid /* 60 */
.long sys_setregid
.long sys_ustat
.long sys_dup2
.long sys_getppid
.long sys_getpgrp
.long sys_setsid
.long sys_rt_sigaction
.long __sys_rt_sigreturn
.long sys_rt_sigprocmask
.long sys_rt_sigpending /* 70 */
.long sys_rt_sigtimedwait
.long sys_rt_sigqueueinfo
.long __sys_rt_sigsuspend
.long sys_sethostname
.long sys_setrlimit
.long sys_getrlimit
.long sys_getrusage
.long sys_gettimeofday
.long sys_settimeofday
.long sys_getgroups /* 80 */
.long sys_setgroups
.long sys_select
.long sys_symlink
.long sys_fchdir
.long sys_readlink
.long sys_pread64
.long sys_pwrite64
.long sys_swapon
.long sys_reboot
.long __sys_mmap2 /* 90 */
.long sys_munmap
.long sys_truncate
.long sys_ftruncate
.long sys_fchmod
.long sys_fchown
.long sys_getpriority
.long sys_setpriority
.long sys_wait4
.long sys_statfs
.long sys_fstatfs /* 100 */
.long sys_vhangup
.long sys_sigaltstack
.long sys_syslog
.long sys_setitimer
.long sys_getitimer
.long sys_swapoff
.long sys_sysinfo
.long sys_ni_syscall /* was sys_ipc briefly */
.long sys_sendfile
.long sys_setdomainname /* 110 */
.long sys_newuname
.long sys_adjtimex
.long sys_mprotect
.long sys_vfork
.long sys_init_module
.long sys_delete_module
.long sys_quotactl
.long sys_getpgid
.long sys_bdflush
.long sys_sysfs /* 120 */
.long sys_personality
.long sys_ni_syscall /* reserved for afs_syscall */
.long sys_getdents
.long sys_flock
.long sys_msync
.long sys_readv
.long sys_writev
.long sys_getsid
.long sys_fdatasync
.long sys_sysctl /* 130 */
.long sys_mlock
.long sys_munlock
.long sys_mlockall
.long sys_munlockall
.long sys_sched_setparam
.long sys_sched_getparam
.long sys_sched_setscheduler
.long sys_sched_getscheduler
.long sys_sched_yield
.long sys_sched_get_priority_max /* 140 */
.long sys_sched_get_priority_min
.long sys_sched_rr_get_interval
.long sys_nanosleep
.long sys_poll
.long sys_ni_syscall /* 145 was nfsservctl */
.long sys_setresgid
.long sys_getresgid
.long sys_prctl
.long sys_socket
.long sys_bind /* 150 */
.long sys_connect
.long sys_listen
.long sys_accept
.long sys_getsockname
.long sys_getpeername
.long sys_socketpair
.long sys_send
.long sys_recv
.long __sys_sendto
.long __sys_recvfrom /* 160 */
.long sys_shutdown
.long sys_setsockopt
.long sys_getsockopt
.long sys_sendmsg
.long sys_recvmsg
.long sys_truncate64
.long sys_ftruncate64
.long sys_stat64
.long sys_lstat64
.long sys_fstat64 /* 170 */
.long sys_pivot_root
.long sys_mincore
.long sys_madvise
.long sys_getdents64
.long sys_fcntl64
.long sys_gettid
.long sys_readahead
.long sys_setxattr
.long sys_lsetxattr
.long sys_fsetxattr /* 180 */
.long sys_getxattr
.long sys_lgetxattr
.long sys_fgetxattr
.long sys_listxattr
.long sys_llistxattr
.long sys_flistxattr
.long sys_removexattr
.long sys_lremovexattr
.long sys_fremovexattr
.long sys_tkill /* 190 */
.long sys_sendfile64
.long sys_futex
.long sys_sched_setaffinity
.long sys_sched_getaffinity
.long sys_capget
.long sys_capset
.long sys_io_setup
.long sys_io_destroy
.long sys_io_getevents
.long sys_io_submit /* 200 */
.long sys_io_cancel
.long sys_fadvise64
.long sys_exit_group
.long sys_lookup_dcookie
.long sys_epoll_create
.long sys_epoll_ctl
.long sys_epoll_wait
.long sys_remap_file_pages
.long sys_set_tid_address
.long sys_timer_create /* 210 */
.long sys_timer_settime
.long sys_timer_gettime
.long sys_timer_getoverrun
.long sys_timer_delete
.long sys_clock_settime
.long sys_clock_gettime
.long sys_clock_getres
.long sys_clock_nanosleep
.long sys_statfs64
.long sys_fstatfs64 /* 220 */
.long sys_tgkill
.long sys_ni_syscall /* reserved for TUX */
.long sys_utimes
.long sys_fadvise64_64
.long sys_cacheflush
.long sys_ni_syscall /* sys_vserver */
.long sys_mq_open
.long sys_mq_unlink
.long sys_mq_timedsend
.long sys_mq_timedreceive /* 230 */
.long sys_mq_notify
.long sys_mq_getsetattr
.long sys_kexec_load
.long sys_waitid
.long sys_add_key
.long sys_request_key
.long sys_keyctl
.long sys_ioprio_set
.long sys_ioprio_get
.long sys_inotify_init /* 240 */
.long sys_inotify_add_watch
.long sys_inotify_rm_watch
.long sys_openat
.long sys_mkdirat
.long sys_mknodat
.long sys_fchownat
.long sys_futimesat
.long sys_fstatat64
.long sys_unlinkat
.long sys_renameat /* 250 */
.long sys_linkat
.long sys_symlinkat
.long sys_readlinkat
.long sys_fchmodat
.long sys_faccessat
.long __sys_pselect6
.long sys_ppoll
.long sys_unshare
.long sys_set_robust_list
.long sys_get_robust_list /* 260 */
.long __sys_splice
.long __sys_sync_file_range
.long sys_tee
.long sys_vmsplice
.long __sys_epoll_pwait
.long sys_msgget
.long sys_msgsnd
.long sys_msgrcv
.long sys_msgctl
.long sys_semget /* 270 */
.long sys_semop
.long sys_semctl
.long sys_semtimedop
.long sys_shmat
.long sys_shmget
.long sys_shmdt
.long sys_shmctl
.long sys_utimensat
.long sys_signalfd
.long sys_ni_syscall /* 280, was sys_timerfd */
.long sys_eventfd
.long sys_ni_syscall /* 282, was half-implemented recvmmsg */
.long sys_setns
.long sys_pread64
.long sys_pwrite64
.long sys_timerfd_create
.long __sys_fallocate
.long sys_timerfd_settime
.long sys_timerfd_gettime
.long sys_signalfd4 /* 290 */
.long sys_eventfd2
.long sys_epoll_create1
.long sys_dup3
.long sys_pipe2
.long sys_inotify_init1
.long sys_preadv
.long sys_pwritev
.long sys_rt_tgsigqueueinfo
.long sys_perf_event_open
.long sys_recvmmsg /* 300 */
.long sys_fanotify_init
.long __sys_fanotify_mark
.long sys_prlimit64
.long sys_name_to_handle_at
.long sys_open_by_handle_at
.long sys_clock_adjtime
.long sys_syncfs
.long sys_sendmmsg
.long __sys_process_vm_readv
.long __sys_process_vm_writev /* 310 */
.long sys_kcmp
.long sys_finit_module
.long sys_sched_setattr
.long sys_sched_getattr
.long sys_renameat2
.long sys_seccomp
.long sys_getrandom
.long sys_memfd_create
.long sys_bpf
.long sys_execveat /* 320 */
.long sys_accept4
.long sys_userfaultfd
.long sys_membarrier
.long sys_mlock2
.long __sys_copy_file_range
.long __sys_preadv2
.long __sys_pwritev2
.long sys_pkey_mprotect
.long sys_pkey_alloc
.long sys_pkey_free /* 330 */
.long sys_ni_syscall /* r8 is saturated at nr_syscalls */