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Aspeed ADC
This device is a 10-bit converter for 16 voltage channels. All inputs are
single ended.
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be "aspeed,ast2400-adc" or "aspeed,ast2500-adc"
- reg: memory window mapping address and length
- clocks: Input clock used to derive the sample clock. Expected to be the
SoC's APB clock.
- resets: Reset controller phandle
- #io-channel-cells: Must be set to <1> to indicate channels are selected
by index.
adc@1e6e9000 {
compatible = "aspeed,ast2400-adc";
reg = <0x1e6e9000 0xb0>;
clocks = <&syscon ASPEED_CLK_APB>;
resets = <&syscon ASPEED_RESET_ADC>;
#io-channel-cells = <1>;