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Current Sense Amplifier
When an io-channel measures the output voltage from a current sense
amplifier, the interesting measurement is almost always the current
through the sense resistor, not the voltage output. This binding
describes such a current sense circuit.
Required properties:
- compatible : "current-sense-amplifier"
- io-channels : Channel node of a voltage io-channel.
- sense-resistor-micro-ohms : The sense resistance in microohms.
Optional properties:
- sense-gain-mult: Amplifier gain multiplier. The default is <1>.
- sense-gain-div: Amplifier gain divider. The default is <1>.
sysi {
compatible = "current-sense-amplifier";
io-channels = <&tiadc 0>;
sense-resistor-micro-ohms = <20000>;
sense-gain-mul = <50>;