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* Asahi Kasei AK8974 magnetometer sensor
Required properties:
- compatible : should be "asahi-kasei,ak8974"
- reg : the I2C address of the magnetometer
Optional properties:
- avdd-supply: regulator supply for the analog voltage
(see regulator/regulator.txt)
- dvdd-supply: regulator supply for the digital voltage
(see regulator/regulator.txt)
- interrupts: data ready (DRDY) and interrupt (INT1) lines
from the chip, the DRDY interrupt must be placed first.
The interrupts can be triggered on rising or falling
edges alike.
- mount-matrix: an optional 3x3 mounting rotation matrix
ak8974@f {
compatible = "asahi-kasei,ak8974";
reg = <0x0f>;
avdd-supply = <&foo_reg>;
dvdd-supply = <&bar_reg>;
interrupts = <0 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_RISING>,