- Core Frameworks
   - Add support for Software Nodes to MFD Core
   - Remove support for Device Properties from MFD Core
   - Use standard APIs in MFD Core

 - New Drivers
   - Add support for ROHM BD9576MUF and BD9573MUF PMICs
   - Add support for Netronix Embedded Controller, PWM and RTC
   - Add support for Actions Semi ATC260x PMICs and OnKey

 - New Device Support
   - Add support for DG1 PCIe Graphics Card to Intel PMT
   - Add support for ROHM BD71815 PMIC to ROHM BD71828
   - Add support for Tolino Shine 2 HD to Netronix Embedded Controller
   - Add support for AX10 BMC Secure Updates to Intel M10 BMC

 - Removed Device Support
   - Remove Arizona Extcon support from MFD
   - Remove ST-E AB8500 Power Supply code from MFD
   - Remove AB3100 altogether

 - New Functionality
   - Add support for SMBus and I2C modes to Dialog DA9063
   - Switch to using Software Nodes in Intel (various)

 - New/converted Device Tree bindings; rohm,bd71815-pmic, rohm,bd9576-pmic,
                                       netronix,ntxec, actions,atc260x,
				       ricoh,rn5t618, qcom-pm8xxx

- Fix-ups
   - Fix error handling/path; intel_pmt
   - Simplify code; rohm-bd718x7, ab8500-core, intel-m10-bmc
   - Trivial clean-ups (reordering, spelling); rohm-generic, rn5t618, max8997
   - Use correct data-type; db8500-prcmu
   - Remove superfluous code; lp87565, intel_quark_i2c_gpi, lpc_sch, twl
   - Use generic APIs/defines; lm3533-core, intel_quark_i2c_gpio
   - Regmap related fix-ups; intel-m10-bmc, sec-core
   - Reorder resource freeing during remove; intel_quark_i2c_gpio
   - Make table indexing more robust; intel_quark_i2c_gpio
   - Fix reference imbalances; arizona-irq
   - Staticify and (un)constify things; arizona-spi, stmpe, ene-kb3930,
                                        intel-lpss-acpi, intel-lpss-pci,
                                        atc260x-i2c, intel_quark_i2c_gpio

 - Bug Fixes
   - Fix incorrect (register) values; intel-m10-bmc
   - Kconfig related fixes; ABX500_CORE
   - Do not clear the Auto Reload Register; stm32-timers
mfd: intel-m10-bmc: Add support for MAX10 BMC Secure Updates

Add macros and definitions required by the MAX10 BMC
Secure Update driver.

Signed-off-by: Russ Weight <russell.h.weight@intel.com>
Signed-off-by: Lee Jones <lee.jones@linaro.org>
1 file changed