Linux keyboard tools

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KBD (Linux keyboard tools) CI

This package contains tools for managing Linux console (Linux console, virtual terminals, keyboard, etc.) – mainly, what they do is loading console fonts and keyboard maps.

This distribution contains no binaries - the sources depend on the kernel version - compile them yourself.

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Bug reporting

Report problems with this package to the mailing list or directly to the Alexey Gladkov <>.

Source code

The latest stable version of kbd can always be found on:

Web interface:


  • Standard releases: <major>.<minor>[.<maint>]

    • major -- fatal and deep changes;
    • minor -- typical release with new features;
    • maint -- bug fixes.
  • Development releases: <major>.<minor>-rc<N>

To summarize, the stable release is 2.1.0 while 2.0.9x is a pre-releases.

Git repository:

Git Branches: git branch -a

  • master branch

    • current development.
    • the source for stable releases when deemed ready.
  • for-master branch

    • unstable changes for master. These changes can be reversed or rolled back.

Tags: git tag

  • a new tag object is created for every release.
  • tag name: v<version>.
  • all tags are signed by the maintainer's PGP key.

See also:

NLS (PO translations)

PO files are maintained by:


Kbd is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2, or at your option any later version.