Merge remote-tracking branch 'jerome/rdma-5.2' into hmm-odp-testing

* jerome/rdma-5.2: (22 commits)
  RDMA/odp: convert to use HMM for ODP v3
  mm/mmu_notifier: mmu_notifier_range_update_to_read_only() helper
  mm/mmu_notifier: pass down vma and reasons why mmu notifier is happening v2
  mm/mmu_notifier: use correct mmu_notifier events for each invalidation
  mm/mmu_notifier: contextual information for event triggering invalidation v2
  mm/mmu_notifier: contextual information for event enums
  mm/mmu_notifier: convert mmu_notifier_range->blockable to a flags
  mm/mmu_notifier: convert user range->blockable to helper function
  mm/mmu_notifier: helper to test if a range invalidation is blockable
  mm/hmm: fix hmm_range_dma_map()/hmm_range_dma_unmap()
  mm/hmm: convert various hmm_pfn_* to device_entry which is a better name
  mm/hmm: add an helper function that fault pages and map them to a device v3
  mm/hmm: add helpers to test if mm is still alive or not
  mm/hmm: allow to mirror vma of a file on a DAX backed filesystem v3
  mm/hmm: mirror hugetlbfs (snapshoting, faulting and DMA mapping) v3
  mm/hmm: add default fault flags to avoid the need to pre-fill pfns arrays v2
  mm/hmm: improve driver API to work and wait over a range v3
  mm/hmm: improve and rename hmm_vma_fault() to hmm_range_fault() v3
  mm/hmm: improve and rename hmm_vma_get_pfns() to hmm_range_snapshot() v2
  mm/hmm: do not erase snapshot when a range is invalidated