Merge tag 'zstd-linus-v6.2' of

Pull zstd updates from Nick Terrell:
 "Update the kernel to upstream zstd v1.5.2 [0]. Specifically to the tag
  v1.5.2-kernel [1] which includes several cherrypicked fixes for the
  kernel on top of v1.5.2.

  Excepting the MAINTAINERS change, all the changes in this can be
  generated by:

    git clone
    cd zstd/contrib/linux-kernel
    git checkout v1.5.2-kernel
    LINUX=/path/to/linux/repo make import

  Additionally, this includes several minor typo fixes, which have all
  been fixed upstream so they are maintained on the next import"

Link: [0]
Link: [1]

* tag 'zstd-linus-v6.2' of
  zstd: import usptream v1.5.2
  zstd: Move zstd-common module exports to zstd_common_module.c
  lib: zstd: Fix comment typo
  lib: zstd: fix repeated words in comments
  MAINTAINERS: git://github -> for terrelln
  lib: zstd: clean up double word in comment.