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Pull networking fixes from David Miller:

 1) Must teardown SR-IOV before unregistering netdev in igb driver, from
    Alex Williamson.

 2) Fix ipv6 route unreachable crash in IPVS, from Alex Gartrell.

 3) Default route selection in ipv4 should take the prefix length, table
    ID, and TOS into account, from Julian Anastasov.

 4) sch_plug must have a reset method in order to purge all buffered
    packets when the qdisc is reset, likewise for sch_choke, from WANG

 5) Fix deadlock and races in slave_changelink/br_setport in bridging.
    From Nikolay Aleksandrov.

 6) mlx4 bug fixes (wrong index in port even propagation to VFs,
    overzealous BUG_ON assertion, etc.) from Ido Shamay, Jack
    Morgenstein, and Or Gerlitz.

 7) Turn off klog message about SCTP userspace interface compat that
    makes no sense at all, from Daniel Borkmann.

 8) Fix unbounded restarts of inet frag eviction process, causing NMI
    watchdog soft lockup messages, from Florian Westphal.

 9) Suspend/resume fixes for r8152 from Hayes Wang.

10) Fix busy loop when MSG_WAITALL|MSG_PEEK is used in TCP recv, from
    Sabrina Dubroca.

11) Fix performance regression when removing a lot of routes from the
    ipv4 routing tables, from Alexander Duyck.

12) Fix device leak in AF_PACKET, from Lars Westerhoff.

13) AF_PACKET also has a header length comparison bug due to signedness,
    from Alexander Drozdov.

14) Fix bug in EBPF tail call generation on x86, from Daniel Borkmann.

15) Memory leaks, TSO stats, watchdog timeout and other fixes to
    thunderx driver from Sunil Goutham and Thanneeru Srinivasulu.

16) act_bpf can leak memory when replacing programs, from Daniel

17) WOL packet fixes in gianfar driver, from Claudiu Manoil.

* git:// (79 commits)
  stmmac: fix missing MODULE_LICENSE in stmmac_platform
  gianfar: Enable device wakeup when appropriate
  gianfar: Fix suspend/resume for wol magic packet
  gianfar: Fix warning when CONFIG_PM off
  act_pedit: check binding before calling tcf_hash_release()
  net: sk_clone_lock() should only do get_net() if the parent is not a kernel socket
  net: sched: fix refcount imbalance in actions
  r8152: reset device when tx timeout
  r8152: add pre_reset and post_reset
  qlcnic: Fix corruption while copying
  act_bpf: fix memory leaks when replacing bpf programs
  net: thunderx: Fix for crash while BGX teardown
  net: thunderx: Add PCI driver shutdown routine
  net: thunderx: Fix crash when changing rss with mutliple traffic flows
  net: thunderx: Set watchdog timeout value
  net: thunderx: Wakeup TXQ only if CQE_TX are processed
  net: thunderx: Suppress alloc_pages() failure warnings
  net: thunderx: Fix TSO packet statistic
  net: thunderx: Fix memory leak when changing queue count
  net: thunderx: Fix RQ_DROP miscalculation