link_path_walk(): be careful when failing with ENOTDIR

In RCU mode we might end up with dentry evicted just we check
that it's a directory.  In such case we should return ECHILD
rather than ENOTDIR, so that pathwalk would be retries in non-RCU

Breakage had been introduced in commit b18825a - prior to that
we were looking at nd->inode, which had been fetched before
verifying that ->d_seq was still valid.  That form of check
would only be satisfied if at some point the pathname prefix
would indeed have resolved to a non-directory.  The fix consists
of checking ->d_seq after we'd run into a non-directory dentry,
and failing with ECHILD in case of mismatch.

Note that all branches since 3.12 have that problem...

Signed-off-by: Al Viro <>
1 file changed