Merge tag 'rtc-6.2' of git://

Pull RTC updates from Alexandre Belloni:
 "Most of the changes are a rework of the cmos driver by Rafael and
  fixes for issues found using static checkers. The removal of a driver
  leads to a reduction of the number of LOC of the subsystem.

  Removed driver:
   - davinci

   - convert i2c drivers to .probe_new
   - fix spelling mistakes and duplicated words in comments
   - cmos: rework wake setup and ACPI event handling
   - cros-ec: Limit RTC alarm range to fix alarmtimer
   - ds1347: fix century register handling
   - efi: wakeup support
   - isl12022: temperature sensor support
   - pcf85063: fix read_alarm and clkout
   - pcf8523: use stop bit to detect invalid time
   - pcf8563: use RTC_FEATURE_ALARM
   - snvs: be more flexible on LPSRT reads
   - many static checker fixes"

* tag 'rtc-6.2' of git:// (48 commits)
  rtc: ds1742: use devm_platform_get_and_ioremap_resource()
  rtc: mxc_v2: Add missing clk_disable_unprepare()
  rtc: rs5c313: correct some spelling mistakes
  rtc: at91rm9200: Fix syntax errors in comments
  rtc: remove duplicated words in comments
  rtc: rv3028: Use IRQ flags obtained from device tree if available
  rtc: ds1307: use sysfs_emit() to instead of scnprintf()
  rtc: isl12026: drop obsolete dependency on COMPILE_TEST
  dt-bindings: rtc: m41t80: Convert text schema to YAML one
  rtc: pcf85063: fix pcf85063_clkout_control
  rtc: rx6110: fix warning with !OF
  rtc: rk808: reduce 'struct rk808' usage
  rtc: msc313: Fix function prototype mismatch in msc313_rtc_probe()
  dt-bindings: rtc: convert rtc-meson.txt to dt-schema
  rtc: pic32: Move devm_rtc_allocate_device earlier in pic32_rtc_probe()
  rtc: st-lpc: Add missing clk_disable_unprepare in st_rtc_probe()
  rtc: pcf85063: Fix reading alarm
  rtc: pcf8523: fix for stop bit
  rtc: efi: Add wakeup support
  rtc: pcf8563: clear RTC_FEATURE_ALARM if no irq