Merge tag 'sound-4.2-rc5' of git://

Pull sound fixes from Takashi Iwai:
 "This became a relative big update as it includes the collected ASoC
  fixes.  There are a few fixes in ASoC core side, mostly for DAPM and
  the new topology API.  The rest are various ASoC driver-specific
  fixes, as well as the usual HD-audio and USB-audio quirks"

* tag 'sound-4.2-rc5' of git:// (29 commits)
  ALSA: hda - Fix MacBook Pro 5,2 quirk
  ALSA: hda - Fix race between PM ops and HDA init/probe
  ALSA: usb-audio: add dB range mapping for some devices
  ALSA: hda - Apply a fixup to Dell Vostro 5480
  ALSA: hda - Add pin quirk for the headset mic jack detection on Dell laptop
  ALSA: hda - Apply fixup for another Toshiba Satellite S50D
  ALSA: fireworks: add support for AudioFire2 quirk
  ALSA: hda - Fix the headset mic that will not work on Dell desktop machine
  ALSA: hda - fix cs4210_spdif_automute()
  ASoC: pcm1681: Fix setting de-emphasis sampling rate selection
  ASoC: ssm4567: Keep TDM_BCLKS in ssm4567_set_dai_fmt
  ASoC: sgtl5000: Fix up define for SGTL5000_SMALL_POP
  ASoC: dapm: Don't add prefix to widget stream name
  ASoC: rt5645: Check if codec is initialized in workqueue handler
  ASoC: Intel: Get correct usage_count value to load firmware
  ASoC: topology: Fix to add dapm mixer info
  ASoC: zx: spdif: Fix devm_ioremap_resource return value check
  ASoC: zx: i2s: Fix devm_ioremap_resource return value check
  ASoC: mediatek: Use platform_of_node for machine drivers
  ASoC: Free card DAPM context on snd_soc_instantiate_card() error path