Merge tag 'pci-v5.10-changes' of git://

Pull PCI updates from Bjorn Helgaas:
   - Print IRQ number used by PCIe Link Bandwidth Notification (Dongdong
   - Add schedule point in pci_read_config() to reduce max latency
     (Jiang Biao)
   - Add Kconfig options for MPS/MRRS strategy (Jim Quinlan)

  Resource management:
   - Fix pci_iounmap() memory leak when !CONFIG_GENERIC_IOMAP (Lorenzo

  PCIe native device hotplug:
   - Reduce noisiness on hot removal (Lukas Wunner)

  Power management:
   - Revert "PCI/PM: Apply D2 delay as milliseconds, not microseconds"
     that was done on the basis of spec typo (Bjorn Helgaas)
   - Rename pci_dev.d3_delay to d3hot_delay to remove D3hot/D3cold
     ambiguity (Krzysztof Wilczyński)
   - Remove unused pcibios_pm_ops (Vaibhav Gupta)

   - Enable Translation Blocking for external devices to harden against
     DMA attacks (Rajat Jain)

  Error handling:
   - Add an ACPI APEI notifier chain for vendor CPER records to enable
     device-specific error handling (Shiju Jose)

   - Remove struct aspm_register_info to simplify code (Saheed O.

  Amlogic Meson PCIe controller driver:
   - Build as module by default (Kevin Hilman)

  Ampere Altra PCIe controller driver:
   - Add MCFG quirk to work around non-standard ECAM implementation
     (Tuan Phan)

  Broadcom iProc PCIe controller driver:
   - Set affinity mask on MSI interrupts (Mark Tomlinson)

  Broadcom STB PCIe controller driver:
   - Make PCIE_BRCMSTB depend on ARCH_BRCMSTB (Jim Quinlan)
   - Add DT bindings for more Brcmstb chips (Jim Quinlan)
   - Add bcm7278 register info (Jim Quinlan)
   - Add bcm7278 PERST# support (Jim Quinlan)
   - Add suspend and resume pm_ops (Jim Quinlan)
   - Add control of rescal reset (Jim Quinlan)
   - Set additional internal memory DMA viewport sizes (Jim Quinlan)
   - Accommodate MSI for older chips (Jim Quinlan)
   - Set bus max burst size by chip type (Jim Quinlan)
   - Add support for bcm7211, bcm7216, bcm7445, bcm7278 (Jim Quinlan)

  Freescale i.MX6 PCIe controller driver:
   - Use dev_err_probe() to reduce redundant messages (Anson Huang)

  Freescale Layerscape PCIe controller driver:
   - Enforce 4K DMA buffer alignment in endpoint test (Hou Zhiqiang)
   - Add DT compatible strings for ls1088a, ls2088a (Xiaowei Bao)
   - Add endpoint support for ls1088a, ls2088a (Xiaowei Bao)
   - Add endpoint test support for lS1088a (Xiaowei Bao)
   - Add MSI-X support for ls1088a (Xiaowei Bao)

  HiSilicon HIP PCIe controller driver:
   - Handle HIP-specific errors via ACPI APEI (Yicong Yang)

  HiSilicon Kirin PCIe controller driver:
   - Return -EPROBE_DEFER if the GPIO isn't ready (Bean Huo)

  Intel VMD host bridge driver:
   - Factor out physical offset, bus offset, IRQ domain, IRQ allocation
     (Jon Derrick)
   - Use generic PCI PM correctly (Jon Derrick)

  Marvell Aardvark PCIe controller driver:
   - Fix compilation on s390 (Pali Rohár)
   - Implement driver 'remove' function and allow to build it as module
     (Pali Rohár)
   - Move PCIe reset card code to advk_pcie_train_link() (Pali Rohár)
   - Convert mvebu a3700 internal SMCC firmware return codes to errno
     (Pali Rohár)
   - Fix initialization with old Marvell's Arm Trusted Firmware (Pali

  Microsoft Hyper-V host bridge driver:
   - Fix hibernation in case interrupts are not re-created (Dexuan Cui)

  NVIDIA Tegra PCIe controller driver:
   - Stop checking return value of debugfs_create() functions (Greg
   - Convert to use DEFINE_SEQ_ATTRIBUTE macro (Liu Shixin)

  Qualcomm PCIe controller driver:
   - Reset PCIe to work around Qsdk U-Boot issue (Ansuel Smith)

  Renesas R-Car PCIe controller driver:
   - Add DT documentation for r8a774a1, r8a774b1, r8a774e1 endpoints
     (Lad Prabhakar)
   - Add RZ/G2M, RZ/G2N, RZ/G2H IDs to endpoint test (Lad Prabhakar)
   - Add DT support for r8a7742 (Lad Prabhakar)

  Socionext UniPhier Pro5 controller driver:
   - Add DT descriptions of iATU register (host and endpoint) (Kunihiko

  Synopsys DesignWare PCIe controller driver:
   - Add link up check in dw_child_pcie_ops.map_bus() (racy, but seems
     unavoidable) (Hou Zhiqiang)
   - Fix endpoint Header Type check so multi-function devices work (Hou
   - Skip PCIE_MSI_INTR0* programming if MSI is disabled (Jisheng Zhang)
   - Stop leaking MSI page in suspend/resume (Jisheng Zhang)
   - Add common iATU register support instead of keystone-specific code
     (Kunihiko Hayashi)
   - Major config space access and other cleanups in dwc core and
     drivers that use it (al, exynos, histb, imx6, intel-gw, keystone,
     kirin, meson, qcom, tegra) (Rob Herring)
   - Add multiple PFs support for endpoint (Xiaowei Bao)
   - Add MSI-X doorbell mode in endpoint mode (Xiaowei Bao)

   - Use fallthrough pseudo-keyword (Gustavo A. R. Silva)
   - Fix "0 used as NULL pointer" warnings (Gustavo Pimentel)
   - Fix "cast truncates bits from constant value" warnings (Gustavo
   - Remove redundant zeroing for sg_init_table() (Julia Lawall)
   - Use scnprintf(), not snprintf(), in sysfs "show" functions
     (Krzysztof Wilczyński)
   - Remove unused assignments (Krzysztof Wilczyński)
   - Fix "0 used as NULL pointer" warning (Krzysztof Wilczyński)
   - Simplify bool comparisons (Krzysztof Wilczyński)
   - Use for_each_child_of_node() and for_each_node_by_name() (Qinglang
   - Simplify return expressions (Qinglang Miao)"

* tag 'pci-v5.10-changes' of git:// (147 commits)
  PCI: vmd: Update VMD PM to correctly use generic PCI PM
  PCI: vmd: Create IRQ allocation helper
  PCI: vmd: Create IRQ Domain configuration helper
  PCI: vmd: Create bus offset configuration helper
  PCI: vmd: Create physical offset helper
  PCI: v3-semi: Remove unneeded break
  PCI: dwc: Add link up check in dw_child_pcie_ops.map_bus()
  PCI/ASPM: Remove struct pcie_link_state.l1ss
  PCI/ASPM: Remove struct aspm_register_info.l1ss_cap
  PCI/ASPM: Pass L1SS Capabilities value, not struct aspm_register_info
  PCI/ASPM: Remove struct aspm_register_info.l1ss_ctl1
  PCI/ASPM: Remove struct aspm_register_info.l1ss_ctl2 (unused)
  PCI/ASPM: Remove struct aspm_register_info.l1ss_cap_ptr
  PCI/ASPM: Remove struct aspm_register_info.latency_encoding
  PCI/ASPM: Remove struct aspm_register_info.enabled
  PCI/ASPM: Remove struct
  PCI/ASPM: Use 'parent' and 'child' for readability
  PCI/ASPM: Move LTR path check to where it's used
  PCI/ASPM: Move pci_clear_and_set_dword() earlier
  PCI: dwc: Fix MSI page leakage in suspend/resume