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config CFG80211
tristate "Improved wireless configuration API"
config NL80211
bool "nl80211 new netlink interface support"
depends on CFG80211
default y
This option turns on the new netlink interface
(nl80211) support in cfg80211.
If =n, drivers using mac80211 will be configured via
wireless extension support provided by that subsystem.
If unsure, say Y.
bool "Old wireless static regulatory definitions"
default y
This option enables the old static regulatory information
and uses it within the new framework. This is available
temporarily as an option to help prevent immediate issues
due to the switch to the new regulatory framework which
does require a new userspace application which has the
database of regulatory information (CRDA) and another for
setting regulatory domains (iw).
For more information see:
It is important to note though that if you *do* have CRDA present
and if this option is enabled CRDA *will* be called to update the
regulatory domain (for US and JP only). Support for letting the user
set the regulatory domain through iw is also supported. This option
mainly exists to leave around for a kernel release some old static
regulatory domains that were defined and to keep around the old
ieee80211_regdom module parameter. This is being phased out and you
should stop using them ASAP.
Say Y unless you have installed a new userspace application.
Also say Y if have one currently depending on the ieee80211_regdom
module parameter and cannot port it to use the new userspace
bool "Wireless extensions"
default n
This option enables the legacy wireless extensions
(wireless network interface configuration via ioctls.)
Wireless extensions will be replaced by cfg80211 and
will be required only by legacy drivers that implement
wireless extension handlers. This option does not
affect the wireless-extension backward compatibility
code in cfg80211.
Say N (if you can) unless you know you need wireless
extensions for external modules.
bool "Wireless extensions sysfs files"
default y
depends on WIRELESS_EXT && SYSFS
This option enables the deprecated wireless statistics
files in /sys/class/net/*/wireless/. The same information
is available via the ioctls as well.
Say Y if you have programs using it, like old versions of